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Law and Business
LAW 122

Chapter 4Intentional Torts IntroductionIntentional torts involve intentional rather than merely careless conductsome intentional torts are o Assault o Battery o Invasion of privacy o False imprisonment o Trespass to land o Interference with chattelsAssault and Battery y Assaultoccurs when defendant intentionally causes the plaintiff to reasonably believe that offensive bodily contact is imminentot based on physical contactbased on reasonable belief that such contact will occurIt is enough if the plaintiff reasonably believed that bodily contact would occurPlaintiff must have believed that bodily contact was imminent An assault can occur even if the plaintiff was not frightenedoffensive contact is enough y Batteryconsists of offensive bodily contactBodily contact is not strictly appliedit is enough if the defendant causes something knife or bullet to touch the plaintiffit is also enough if the defendant makes contact with the plaintiffs clothing or something they are holdingot every form of contact is offensive normal society interaction is allowed Contact may be offensive even if it isnt harmful Invasion of Privacy y There is no general tort of invasion of privacy IOP y Several reason why courts are reluctant to recognize a tort of IOP They want to support freedom of expression and freedom of informationConcerned about defining the concept
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