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LAW 122

Chapter 12Contractual RemediesDamages y An award of money that is intended to cure a wrongful even such as a breach of contractTypes of Contractual Damages y Expectation damagesExpectation damages1 Plaintiff receives expected benefit of contracto Plaintiff does not receive performance o Plaintiff receives value of performanceForwardlooking damages 1 Plaintiff monetarily placed as if contract performed o Give me what I expected to get 2 Integrity of promises protectedCalculation of expectation damages 1 Expected benefits minus expected costsComplications in calculation of damages 1 Difficulty of calculation o Awarded even if calculation is impreciseEgdamages for lost chance in beauty contest o Not awarded if calculation is totally speculativeEg value of treasure in supposedly sunken ship 2 Cost of cure or loss of value o Difficulty in identifying expected benefit Receipt of service itself y Eg 100 000 cost of actual reforestation Receipt of value of services end product y Eg 20 000 value added to land if reforestation occurs o Cost of cure damagescost of serviceAwarded if reforestation already done a
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