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Chapter 3

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LAW 122
Stan Benda

Chapter 3Introduction to Torts Introduction to tort lawTort generally consist of a failure to fulfill a private obligation that was imposed by lawTorts and crimesTortfeasor is a person who has committed a tort o Ex on pg 60Tort occurs when a person breaks private obligationCrime occurs when a person breaks public obligationConcept summary 31 on pg 61More on pg 61Torts and contractsTorts may be confused with crimes and contracts1 similarity and 4 differences btwn tortscontracts o Structure similarityBoth tortcontract involve primarysecondary obligationsPrimary obligations tell ppl how they should actEx on pg 61Secondary obligations are remedialThey tell ppl how they must act after primary obligations have been brokenEx on pg 61 o Source of primary obligationsObligations in tort are simply forced by lawEx on pg 62Obligations in contract are created by the partiesEx on pg 62 o PrivityDoctrine of privity states tht the only ppl who can sue or be sued on a contract are the parties themselvesIn tort there is no need for the parties to create a special relationship for themselves o CompensationPurpose of creating obligations in tort law is to prevent them from happeningEx on pg 62Purpose of creating obligations in contract is to provide benefits
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