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Chapter 8

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Law and Business
LAW 529
Pnina Alon- Shenker

Chapter 8 Workplace SafetyInsurance Act KEY FEATURES OF ONTARIOS WSIA The WSIA set out a nofault insurance system that compensates workers for workrelated accidents or injuries that 1 arise out of and in the course of employment regardless on fault or negligence o Workers cannot sure ERs for ohs injuries 2 Benefits for injured workers and funded entirely by ERs in the province who pay premiums that are based on their industry in a particular industry classification o The premium reflects the risks and rates of injury in a particular industry 3 It is against the law for workers to contribute to the WSIA premiums 4 Workers cannot waive their rights to benefits under the WSIA 5 Most EEs in ON are covered b WSIA they have no choice o Independent contractors sole proprietors and executive officers may opt into the system if they pay their own premiums 6 The current system focuses on
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