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Media Studies
RTA 180
Kristin Force

The Temp Track Temp track – Temporary music used in film previews dubbed in specifically for that purpose. These songs may come from previous soundtracks or the composers’ previous films. This is usually the case as the score is written after the film has been shot. This temp track can assist in finding the right direction when composing the actual score as well as in the editing process. 1. Helping the filmmaker edit the film – Exposing scenes that need to be reedited to flow smoother 2. Make the movie more marketable during test screenings. 3. Determine the musical concept for the score 4. Illustrate the musical concept to the composer Occasionally, the temp track is more preferred than the original score created for the film. These temp tracks can sometimes remain in the final cut. Spotting the Film Spotting – The film composer, music editor, producer and the director are called in to view the finished product and discuss the texture of the music to be used and where it should be placed. Two decisions to be made at these sessions include: 1. Which scenes will have music 2. Where music will start and stop Subtle changes, such as the depth of an actor’s voice, can change the type of music needed. If done correctly, the music can create weight and depth in a scene. Each portion of a film is given numbered, titled and located music cues. D
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