Chapter 9 - MHR 405

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12 Oct 2011

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Chapter 9 Definitions
POWER: Ability of one party to change or control the behaviour, attitudes, opini
ons, objectives, needs or values of another party
Influence: The process of actually exercising this power by affecting the though
ts, behvaiour and feelings of others
Political Behaviour: Influence attempts that are for personal gain and are not
Legitimate power: Power based on position and mutual agreement
Reward power: Power based on a persons ability to control the rewards that anoth
er person wants
Coercive Power: Power based on a person ability to cause and unpleasant experien
Refernt Power: An elusive power based on interpersonal attraction
Charisma: A personal trait that gives a leader referent power over followers
Expertt Power: Power based on a persons specialized knowledge or skills that ano
ther person needs
Information Power: Access to and control over important info
non-substitutibilioty: The extent to which a group performs a function that is i
ndispenible to an organization and for which there is no alt. providrr
ethical behaviour: acting in ways that are consistent withs one personal values
empowerment: employees makes more of their own decisions through an increased se
nse of self efficacy and meaning in their work
self-efficacy: a sense of personal competence and confidence
meaning: employees sense of value in the purpose of what they are doing
self-determination: employees sense of personal choice, freedom, and control ove
r their work
impact: a belief that ones job makes a difference and is often related to self-d
interpersonal trust: the expectancy held by an individual or group of people tha
t they can rely on the word or promise of another party
sanctioned influence tactics: those tactics that are approved or sanctioned and
that peoplpe consider acceptable becaue they are part of the organizations norms
networking: the building and nurturin of personal and professional relationships
to create a system of chain information, contacts and support
non-sanctioned influence (political tactics): those influence attempts that are
for personal gain and are not officially anctione
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