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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - MHR 405

Human Resources
Course Code
MHR 405
Frank Miller

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Chapter 10 Definitions
Competencies: Learned behaviours such as skills, abilities and values
Leadership Agility: The ability to make wise and effective decisions amid comple
x changing conditions
Leadership Grid: A model that proposes that the best way to lead is to show high
concern for results and ppl
Contingency Perspective Leadership: A perspective that proposes that effective l
eadership depends upon the degree of fit between the leaders style and various f
actors in the ituation
Least-Prefered-Co-Workers (LPC): The person a leader has least preferred to work
with over his or her career
Position Power: The authority associated with the leaders formal position in the
Leader-Member Position: the quality of inter-personal relationship between leade
r and members
Task Structure: The degree of clarity, ambiguity in the work
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