MHR 505 Chapter Notes -Total Quality Management, Job Satisfaction, Absenteeism

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MHR 505
Week 2
OBXtra 4 High Performance Teams
What are SDWTs?
Self-directed work teams a unique type of permanent teams defined as a group
of interdependent individuals that can self-regulate on relatively whole tasks
SDWTs have become more prevalent in North America because of increased
Members of this type of team have the autonomy to carry out tasks and make
decisions that were once reserved for managers, such as work scheduling, job
assignments and staffing
The decision making activities of self-managed work teams are more broadly focused
than those of quality circles which usually emphasize quality and production
Do SDWTs Work?
An analysis of 70 studies concluded that self-managed work teams positively affected
productivity and attitudes towards self-management
The analysis indicated no significant effects of self-managed teams on job
satisfaction, absenteeism, or turnover
The implementation of trams does not guarantee improved performance either; one
evaluation of SDWTs and TQM programs found that companies associated with
these popular management techniques did not have higher economic performance
A study that examined the benefits of quality circles and SDWTs had the following
oFirms that used only QCs had higher levels of productivity than firms with
no teams
oFirms with only SDWTs and those with SDWTs and QCs benefited from
increased productivity, a reduced management hierarchy, and reduced
employee turnover
oApart from higher levels of productivity that occurred only within the first
two years of implementing self-managing work teams, firms with these
structures continued to improve upon the initial benefits of reduced employee
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