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Chapter 8

MHR 523 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Instructional Design, Performance Appraisal, Diversity Training

Human Resources
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MHR 523
Margaret Yap

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Chapter 8 – Orientation and Training
Orienting employees
In the long term, a comprehensive orientation (a.k.a. onboarding) program can lead to reductions
in turnover, increased morale, fewer instances of corrective discipline, and fewer employee
Content of orientation programs:
oCan be brief and informal, to lengthy and formal
oLengthy and formal: handbook, tour, introductions, explanation of
procedures/duties/responsibilities, summary of training, explanation of performance
Special orientation situations:
oDiverse workforce: if company hasnt had diverse workforce before
oMergers and acquisitions: newly merged company
oUnion vs. non-union organizations
oMulti-location organizations
Evaluation of orientation programs
oEmployee reaction
oSocialization effects
oCost/benefit analysis
Training process
Training: focuses on skills and competencies needed to perform employees current jobs
Development: training of a long term nature
Federal government has asked that all businesses increase spending on training
Training results in higher employee commitment and loyalty
Training and learning
Learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic
oRemember: it is easier for trainees to understand and remember material that is
oMake sure skills and behaviors can be easily transferred from training site to job site
oMotivate the trainee
oEffectively prepare the trainee
Legal aspects of training
Negligent training: employer fails to train adequately
The five steps in training and development
1. Needs analysis: identifying skills, analyzing, using research
2. Instructional design: actual content, handbooks, etc.
3. Validation: presented before small representative audience
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