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Chapter 4

MHR 523 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Job Analysis, Human Factors And Ergonomics, Performance Appraisal

Human Resources
Course Code
MHR 523
Kemi Salawu Anazodo

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016
MHR 523
Chapter Four
-Job a group of related activities and duties, held by a single employee or a number of
-duties should be clear and distinct to minimize conflict and enhance employee
-the collection of tasks and responsibilities performed by one person are tasks
Uses of Job Analysis Information
job analysis is the procedure for determining the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of
each job and the human attributes (in terms of knowledge, skills and abilities; KSA)
once this information is gathered used for developing job descriptions (what the job
entails and job specifications (what the human requirements are)
job descriptions :(ie tasks, duties and responsibilities), job specification (ie KSA)
Human resource planning; determining which jobs need to be filled internally and
externally for recruitment
Recruitment and Selection: job description and specification info used to determine
who to recruit and hire
Compensation: job evaluation should be used based on the required skills, physical
and mental demands, responsibilities, and working conditions. Pay differences
challenged under human rights or pay equity legislation
Performance Management: criteria used are directly related through job analysis
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Labour Relations: in unionized environments job descriptions need to be approval
before being finalized
Training, Development, and Career Management: compare knowledge, skills and
abilities (KSA) and identify gaps
Restructuring: identifying areas of overlap within duties, conflict, dissatisfaction or
health and safety concerns are eliminated through job redesign or restructuring
Steps in Job analysis
-step 1: organizational structure, the formal relationships among jobs in an
organization. should be appropriate given strategic goals. organizational chart a
“snapshot” of the firm, depicting the organizations structure in chart form at a
particular point in time. Departments/divisions. does not explain communication
patterns, degree of supervision, power, authority, or specific duties
-types of organizational charts;
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