MHR 523 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, Safety Data Sheet, Occupational Safety And Health

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23 Jul 2016
Chapter 14: Occupational Health and Safety
Strategic Importance of Occupational Health and Safety
Lost-time Injury Rate: Measures any occupational injury or illness resulting in an employee
being unable to fulfill the work full work assignments, not including any fatalities
Basic Facts About Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
Occupational Health and Safety Legislation: Laws intended to protect the health and
safety of workers by minimizing work-related accidents
Responsibilities and Rights of Employers and Employees
-Employers are responsible for taking every reasonable precaution to ensure the health
and safety of their workers, this is called due diligence requirement
-Duties of the employers include filing government accident reports, maintaining
records, ensuring the safety rules are enforced, posting safety notices
-Employees have three basic rights under contravention of the law or regulations
(1) the right to know about workplace safety
(2) the right to participate in the occupational health and safety process
(3) the right to refuse unsafe work if they have ‘reasonable cause’
Joint Health and Safety Committees
-The function of joint health and safety committees is to provide a non-adversarial
atmosphere where management and labour can work together to ensure a safe and
healthy workplace
-Committee is generally responsible for making regular inspections of the workplace to
identify potential health and safety hazards, evaluate the hazards, and implement
Supervisors Role in Safety
-Supervisors role is to advise and instruct workers about safety, to ensure that all
reasonable precautions have been taken to provide for the safety of all employees, and
to minimize risk of injuries or illness
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Enforcement of Occupational Health and Safety Laws
-In all jurisdictions, occupational health and safety law provides for government
inspectors to periodically carry out safety inspections of work places
-Penalties consist of fines and/or jail time
-Canadian corporate executives and directors may be held directly responsible for
workplace injuries
Control of Toxic Substances
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHIMIS): A Canada wide,
legally mandated system designed to protect workers by providing information about
hazardous materials in the workplace
WHMIS has three components;
(1) Labelling of hazardous material containers to alert workers that there is a potentially
hazardous product inside
(2) Material safety data sheets to outline a products potentially hazardous ingredients
and the procedures for safe handling of the product
(3) Employee training to ensure that employees can identify WHMIS hazard symbols,
read the label, and apply the information on material safety data sheets
What Causes Accidents
Chance Occurrences
-Chance occurrences for ex. walking past a plate-glass window just as someone hits a
ball through it, contribute to accidents but are more or less beyond managements
Unsafe Conditions
-Unsafe conditions include improperly guarded equipment ; defective equipment;
hazardous procedures in, on, or around machines or equipment; unsafe storage, etc
Unsafe Acts
Unsafe acts by employees such as:
-throwing materials -using unsafe procedures in loading, placing
-operating or working at unsafe speeds -lifting improperly
-using unsafe equipment or using equipment unsafely
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