MHR 523 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Trade Union, Canadian Labour Congress, Bargaining Unit

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23 Jul 2016
Chapter 16: Labour Relations
Introduction to Labour Relations
Labour Union (union): An officially recognized association of employees practising a
similar trade or employed in the same company or industry who have joined together to
present a united front and collective voice in dealing with management
Labour-Management Relations: The ongoing interactions between labour unions and
management in organizations
Collective Bargaining Agreement (Union Contract): A formal agreement between an
employer and the union representing a group of employees regarding terms and
conditions of employment
Bargaining Units: The group of employees in a firm, a plant, or an industry that has
been recognized by an employer or certified by a labour relations board (LRB) as
appropriate for collective bargaining purposes
Canada’s Labour Laws
Canadian Labour Law have two general purposes:
1. To provide a common set of rules for fair negotiation
2. To protect the public interest by preventing the impact of labour disputes from
inconveniencing the public
The labour Movement in Canada Today
Business Unionism: The actives of labour unions focusing on economic and welfare
issues, including pay and benefits, job security, and working conditions
Social (reform) Unionism: Activities of unions directed at furthering the interests of
their members by influencing the social and economic polices of governments at all
levels, such as speaking out on proposed legislative reforms
Types of Union
The labour unions in Canada can be classified according to the following characteristics
1.Type of workers eligible for membership
-> Craft Union: Traditionally, a labour organization representing workers practising the
same craft or trade
->Industrial Union: A labour organization representing all workers eligible for union
membership in a particular company or industry
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