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Chapter 6

MHR 623 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Outsourcing, Fast Fourier Transform

Human Resources
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MHR 623
Genevieve Farrell

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MHR623: Recruitment and Selection
Chapter 6 Notes
Recruitment: Generation of an applicant pool for a job in order to provide # of qualified candidate for a
selection of promotion process
Applicant pool: set of potential candidates who are interested in the job
Recruitment Strategy:
External Factors:
Labour markets and recruiting:
- Overall nature economy may influence organization’s decision to hire or not to hire
- Once decision is made, organization extensively searches to fill the job
- Must be prepared to alter recruiting strategy to match labour market
-Part time: more company jobs offer low-wage and entry level jobs on part time basis; serves as
training ground for permanent positions
Legal Environment:
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