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Module 9 Notes

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Ryerson University
MKT 100
Paul Finlayson

Module 9: Advertising Section 1: Advertising Principles Four fundamental advertising principles o If you have something to say, advertise it, if not, dont o Keep your message simple and powerful, otherwise itll be lost in the advertising clutter o Communicate first with existing customers o Communicate second with hottest prospects Advertising should have a clear function: o To remind o To prompt o To inform o To educate o To persuade o To assure Have to catch attention, if not, dead, people tune out a lot of advertising Advertising much more effective and efficient in emerging economies where its presence is a novelty and there is a collective cultural innocence towards buy me solicitations When they do pay attention, they do not trust Learn Feel Buy (LFB): messages first get you thinking Buy Feel Learn (BFL): first get you trying Feel Buy Learn (FBF): first get you feeling The learning affects feelings that affect behaviour explanation Advertising teaches consumers about the product www.notesolution.com
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