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Module 10 Notes

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MKT 100
Paul Finlayson

Module 10: Distribution Section 1: Basic Channel Functions Distribution: choosing channel partners with positioning and implementation skills that fit the seller, regardless of its position in the supply chain. Designing a smooth flow of products , need trust and cooperation between business partners Channel evolutionary rigidity: thinking this is how we do things here instead of thats a good idea. The barrier to change Advances in physical distributions, communications (via internet), and other information processing technologies reduced the need of some of the customary activities undertaken by channel distribution intermediates Relationship must have enough give and take Evolutionary rigidity can bring down people who want to be innovative, but loyalty keeps them with each other Basic channel value activities: o Reaching target customers, where they are and where they shop Channel segmentation important o Informing the customer o Serving the customer o Moving the product o Financing the Venture o Taking risks o Providing Market Insights Who should undertake these basic channel functions depends on o Capability o Cost o Control www.notesolution.com
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