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Chapter 5

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MKT 100
Najam Saqib

Consumer Behaviour: The actions a person takes in purchasing a product, including the mental and social process. Purchase Decision Process: Stages a buyer goes through when buying a product  Problem Recognition: Finding a need for the product  Information Search: searching for information about product  Alternative Evaluation: Brand Names being a factor  Purchase Decision: Where and when t buy  Post Purchase Behaviour: After Buying, Either satisfied or not Evaluation Criteria: Thing to consider about a product, its availability and its prestige Consideration Act: The popular brands among the rest Cognitive Dissonance: Feeling of post purchase psychological tension or anxiety Involvement: The personal, social, and economics significance of the purchase to the consumer Limited Problem Solving: Getting opinions from people Routine problem solving: Buying little things Situational Influences: Have an impact on your purchase decision process  The purchase task  Social surroundings  Physical surroundings  Temporal effects  Antece
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