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Chapter 17

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MKT 100
Asif Salam

CHAPTER 17: ETHICS & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Scope of Marketing Ethics  Marketing Ethics  Business Ethics Ethical Decisions Associated w/ Mkting  Creating an Ethical Climate in the Workplace o Values  establish/share/understand o Rules management commitment/employee dedication o Controls reward/punishment o Canadian Marketing Association Code of Ethics  Accepted code in mkting  Flows from general norms of conduct to spec. values  Subareas w/in mkting have their own code of ethics to deal w/ specific issues  The Influence of Personal Ethics o Decisions often have conflicting outcomes, both options have (+) (-) consequences  Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility o Firms should implement programs that are socially responsible o Employees should act in an ethically responsible manner Framework for Ethical Decision Making  Step 1: Identify Issues o Data collection methods o Hiding real purpose of study o Using results to mislead or even harm public  Step 2: Gather Info/Identify Stakeholders o Identify ethical issues/relevant legal information o Identify all relevant stakeholders and get their input on any identified ethical issues  Step 3: Brainstorm and Evalua
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