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MKT 100
Mary Foster

Advertising Principles: AIDA Model  Awareness leads to interest, which leads to desire, which leads to action  “Think, feel or do model”  Not always followed in order (a) Awareness  Senders first must gain the attention of the consumers  Multichannel approach increases the likelihood the message will be received  Brand awareness: strength of link b/w brand name and type of g/s  Aided recall: customers know brand when name presented to them  Top of mind awareness: highest level; when prominent place in memories that triggers response without them any thought (b) Interest  After the customer is aware, they must be persuaded  The customer must want to further investigate the product/service (c) Desire  Move from “I like it” to “I want it” (d) Action  Ultimate goal: drive receiver to action Advertising Objectives (a) Inform Informative advertising  Telling the market about a new product  Early in PLC  Suggesting new uses for a product  Used to educate about g/s  Informing the market of a price change  Explaining how a product works  Describing available services  Correcting false impressions  Reducing consumer’s fears  Building a company image (b) Persuade  Building brand preference Persuasive advertising  Generally occurs in the growth and early  Encouraging switching to your brand maturity stages of the PLC when  Changing customer’s perception of product competition is most intense attributes  In the later stage of the PLC may be used  Persuading consumer to purchase now to reposition an established brand  Persuading customer to receive a sales call (c) Remind  Reminding the consumer that the product may be Reminder advertising needed in the near future  After products gained market acceptance  Reminding consumer where to buy it  Keeping it in consumer’s mind off season  Top of the mind awareness  Maintaining top-of-mind awareness 5 Focus of advertisements  Consumers already aware of g/s = build interest and desire after  Product-focused ads: inform, persuade or remind customers about specific g/s  Institutional ads: inform, persuade and remind consumers about issue
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