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MKT 100
Mary Foster

MKT100 Chapter 14 Promotion Communicating ValueCommunicating with customers The Communication Process i Sender firm from which an IMC message originates the sender must be clearly identified to the intended audience ii Transmitter agent or intermediary with which the sender works to develop the marketing communications for example a firms creative department or an advertising agency iii Encoding process of converting the senders ideas into a message which could be verbal visual or both iv Channel mediumprint broadcast the Internetthat carries the message v Receiver person who reads hears or sees and processes the information contained in the message or advertisementNoise Any interference that stems from competing messages a lack of clarity in the message or a flaw in the medium a problem for all communication channelsFeedback Loop Allows the receiver to communicate with the sender and thereby informs the sender whether the message was received and decoded properly Example customers purchase of the item a complaint or compliment the redemption of a coupon or rebate and so forthHow customers perceive communicationi Decodes message differentlyii Senders adjust messages according to medium and receivers traits Example Kelloggs would not for instance send the same message to its shareholders in a targeted email as it would to its consumers on Saturday morning TVIntegrated marketing communications tools a Advertising paid form of communication from an identifiable source delivered through a communication channel and designed to persuade the receiver to take some action now or in the futureBefore passive and offline ie Print ads and magazinesNow online and interactive ie Online coupons web contests Use remind customers of brandsb Personal Selling twoway flow of communication between a buyer and a seller that is designed to influence the buyers purchase decisionSettings face to face video telephone Internet Important for B2B settingsCost highBest and efficient Sales reps add valuec Sales promotion special incentives or excitementbuilding programs that encourage the purchase of a product or service such as coupons rebates contests free samples and pointofpurchase displaysOffline ie Printed coupons or online ie Ecoupons Use with other advertising or personal selling ads Build short term sales free samples point of purchase displays Build long term customer loyalty contests and sweepstakes d Direct marketing communicates directly with target customers to generate a response or transactionVarious traditional and new forms Offline direct mail infomercials catalogues kiosksOnline email podcasts cellphones
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