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Module Two

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MKT 100
Richard Michon

Module 2 Analyzing CompetitionFour different supply environmentsNon Competition Monopoly single supplier of a particular productcontrol over price quantity and quantity suppliedoften government regulatedEg HydroOneOligopolistic Competition market is dominated by a few large suppliersrequire very large investments in equipment technology andor distributionthe few suppliers compete on price product features advertising and sales promotions some exhibit fierce price and innovation competitionEg Banks Aircraft IndustryMonopolistic Competitionmany suppliers offering a variety of products each has a small loyal market sharea lot of product and service differentiation between rivals as well as price competitionEg Salad dressingBeauty salons Bars Perfect Competition many suppliers sell essentially the same productsupply and demand controls price advertising and sales promotion will have little influencelowcost production of a quality product and efficient distribution determine success in a market Eg Thompson Seedles Grape productsIn marketing competition is defined as who are our major competitors market sharetotal industry salesspecific time periodclosest and most immediate competition comes from rivals products that share design features and are targeted at the same consumersLevels of Competition Target Segment CompetitionEx Diet Colas Product Category Competition Ex Soft Drinks Core Benefit CompetitionEx BeveragesBudget Competition Ex Food and Entertainmentsmall start up companies or a large company in a different market often revolutionize a market
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