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Module Three

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MKT 100
Richard Michon

Module 3Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility 1 Code of EthicsThe Canadian marketing Association CMA developed a code of ethics that marketing professionals can and should turn to for guidance and direction emphasizes honestly and truthfulness the code either challenges or encourage an executives belief that the stand she is taking is ethical and socially responsible can be different between countries in their specificity obligations and in the consequences if you violate themCompany codes of ethics in practiceOften stated in general terms leaving specific interpretation to the individual salesperson or marketing executive Ethical dilemmas often arise during the implementation of marketing strategy Cutting ethical corners is approved and even encouraged to make the pitch the sale or the quarterly targets but if the conduct becomes public and hence becomes misconduct the junior executive will take the fallWhistleblowers often have their careers ended they are branded troublemakers or fortune seekers by the company and too hot to be hired by any other company It is a lot easier for senior managers to be ethical when it is their subordinates who have to face and resolve the ethical dilemmas Nuremberg trials of Nazi and Japanese war criminals established a new principle of ethical accountabilitysubordinates are responsible for their own behaviour I Ignorance is not an excuseWhen orders and ethics collide a trusted mentor in the organization can be invaluablean ethics ombudsman is someone senior in the organization that managers can go to and know that they will receive a sympathetic hearingHighlights of the Canadian Marketing Association Code of EthicsCMA members must confirm their compliance with this Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice annually Marketing communications must be clear and truthfulMarketers must not participate in any campaign involving the disparagement or exploitation of any person or group on the grounds of race colour ethnicity religion national origin gender sexual orientation marital status or ageMarketers must not participate in the dissemination of unsolicited material that is sexually explicit vulgar or indecent in nature except where required to do so by law such
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