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Module Eight

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MKT 100
Chris Gibbs

Marketing Module 8Sales Objectives A new product or service must always go through several selling effortsFirst it must be personally sold to investors or senior executives Then it has to be personally sold to production and the sales force Only then does the sales force get the chance to personally sell the product to distributors retailers or end usersMoving a new product or service from idea to production and final usage involves a lot of change management through personal selling both inside and outside the organization Good salespeople know more about their slice of the marketplace than anyone else in the company They know networks of customers and distributors on a personal level and are constantly crossing paths with the competitionDuring the selling process the customers questions or objections may suggest changes that will greatly improve the competitiveness of the offering they also may recognize design problems not anticipated by the inventor or producer In short salespeople are the change agents in the marketplaceThe basic objective of personal selling are 1 To keep current customers happy and loyal particularly highly profitable customers2 To persuade a current customer to buy more3 To persuade a potential customer to buy a new product or service4 To feedback ideas on customer needs improved product positioning and the success of company and competitor marketing tactics The most important objective of the sales force is to help achieve the financial and marketing goalsWhen a company has the dual objectives of developing new business and expanding its existing business it often employs separate highly skilled developmental salespeople to achieve itsfirst objective and a regular customer support sales force to achieve its second objectiveSome sales forces spend all of their time selling to distributors Some important objectives of such a sales force are to motivate the distributor implement various selling programs and maintain service levels A sales force that calls on retail accounts often has the multiple objectives of introducing new product lines making sure merchandising displays are put in place increasing the amount and quality of shelf space given to their product and encouraging the account to cooperate with promotion programs Typical function of field sales forceA company considers sales force efficiency to be very high if salespeople spend 50 percent or more of their time actually selling Additionally highperforming salespeople often go beyond typical functions in ways that increase their sales and their efficiencyEach industry has evolved a set of expectations about which functions field salespeople should perform and how they should interact with customersThis is not to suggest that an enterprising firm cannot go counter to industry conventions and change the roles and responsibilities of its sales force to give it a new competitive edgeA list of some of the varied activities that field salespeople may undertake in a day Selling function setting up appointments writing proposals making sales presentations etcWorking orders shipping problems backorders etcCustomer service problem solving demonstrating and training etcWorking with Distributors establishing relationships with customers collecting accountsServicing retail accounts setting up displays stocking shelves etcAdministration completing call reports meeting sales manager receiving feedback etc ConferencesMeetings attending sales meetings attending trade shows etcTraining planning sales activities attending training seminars etcEntertaining Dining with clients arranging parties etcTravelNew Relationship Selling ProcessesThe importance of developing special trading relationships with critical accounts or new global distribution partners has led to placing a premium on process thinking and the political skill of formulating new winwin creative solutions to improving trading relationships and processes The seller has the possibility of earning higher profitsThe buyers supply chain management processes are almost certain to improveCreative relationship innovations should be highly valuedFirst three processes are 1 Listen carefully to the objections concerns problems and points of view of key decisionmakers within the buying organization 2 Develop a deep understanding of the buying issues and the drivers of the issues3 Create successful ways to improve your terms and service processes that overcome the objection
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