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Chapter 14

MKT 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Integrated Marketing Communications, The Sender, Sales Promotion

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MKT 100
Fathima Saleem

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Chapter 14: integrated Marketing Communications
Integrated markeng communicaons (IMC): represents promoon, the last of the 4Ps;
includes a variety of communicaon disciplines- general adversing, personal selling,
sales promoon, public relaons, direct markeng, and digital media- in combinaon to
provide clarity, consistency, and maximum communicave impact
Communicang with Consumers
The Communicaon Process
The Sender: the rm from which an IMC message originates; the sender must be clearly
idened to the intended audience
oDecepve adversing: a representaon, omission, act, or pracce in an
adversement that is likely to mislead consumers acng reasonably under the
The Transmier: an agent or intermediary with which the sender works to develop the
markeng communicaons; for example, a rm’s creave department or an adversing
Encoding: the process of converng the senders ideas into a message, which could be
verbal, visual, or both
The Communicaon Channel: the medium- print, broadcast, the Internet- that carries
the message
The Receiver: the person who reads, hears, or sees and processes the informaon
contained in the message or adversement
oDecoding: the process by which the receiver interprets the senders message
oNoise: any interference that stems from compeng messages, a lack of clarity in
the message, or a $aw in the medium
oFeedback Loop: allows the receiver to communicate with the sender and thereby
informs the sender whether the message was received and decoded properly
Steps in Planning an IMC Campaign
1. Idenfy Target Audience
2. Set Objecves: understanding the outcome the rm hopes to achieve; they serve as a
reference which success or failure is measured
3. Determine Budget
oObjecve-and-task-method: an IMC budgeng method that determines the cost
required to undertake specic tasks to accomplish communicaon objecves;
process entails se'ng objecves, choosing media, and determining costs
oCompeve parity method: a method of determining a communicaons budget
in which the rm’s share of the communicaon expenses is in line with its market
oPercentage-of-sales method: a method of determining a communicaons budget
that is based on a xed percentage of forecasted sales
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