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Chapter 4

MKT500 – Chapter 4

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MKT 400
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MKT500Chapter 4 Using Secondary Data and Online Information Databases Secondary DataSecondary datainformation already thereFast easy access via InternetVirtually always a part of research projectsStatistics Canada offers much dataDemographic data particularly valuablePsychographic profiles also provided by research firms Classification of Secondary DataInternal Secondary DataSales records invoices and morePart of firms marketing information systemDatabases have extensive customer information Internal DatabasesDatabasecollection of data and informationRecords on customers suppliers productsInternal databases compiled by the firmCustomer relationship management uses them extensivelyData miningseeking trends or patterns Text miningcollect data from mediaEthical legal issues on use of these data External Secondary DataPublished SourcesLibraries trade or professional associationsIn print or onlineExtensive resources availableInformation overload with so many sourcesElectronic searches helpful to filterStandardized dataspecialized data for saleMany suppliers of this Advantages of Secondary DataQuick to obtainInexpensive compared to primary dataGenerally widely availableHelps to enhance primary dataMay achieve research on objectiveObviates need for primary research1
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