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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Group influence and opinion leadership

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Ryerson University
MKT 400
Marla Spergel

MKT400Chapter 11 Group Influence and Opinion LeadershipReference groupsy Reference groupan actual or imaginary individual or group conceived of as having significant relevance upon an individuals evaluations aspirations or behaviour o Reference groups influence consumers in 3 ways informational utilitarian and valueexpressiveTypes of reference groupsy Although two or more people are normally required to form a group the term reference group Is often used a bit more loosely to describe any external influence that provides social cues y Normative influencereference group helps to set an enforce fundamental standards of conductparents influencing our attitudes towards marriage y Comparative influencewhere decisions about specific brands or activities are affected y Formal vs informal o FormalRecognized structure regular meeting times officersMarketers are more successful at influencing them because they are easy to findTend to be product or activity specific thus higher in comparative influence o InformalGroups of friends for exampleExert a more powerful influence on individual consumersMore daytoday thus higher in normative influence y Brand communityset of customers who share a set of social relationships based on usage or interest in a product y Brandfestswhere brand communities meet for brief periods of times sponsored by company like HarleyDavidson bond with fellow enthusiasts and strengthen their identification with the product and others who are passion y Consumer tribepeople who share a lifestyle and who can identify with each other because of a shared allegiance to an activity or product y The challenge of tribal marketing is to link ones product to the needs of a group as a whole y Aspirational reference groupscomprise idealized figures such as successful business people athletes or performers y The likelihood that people will become part of a consumers identified reference group is affected by several factors o Propinquityas physical distances between people decreases and opportunities for interaction increase relationships are more likely to form o Mere exposure we come to like people or things simply as a result of seeing them more often
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