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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Notes (Booklet)

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MKT 400
Ida Berger

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Chapter 7 Researching Customer Behaviour Qualitative Research using qualitative research the researcher does not ask the respondent to limit hisher answers to the preassigned response categories it is basically measuring in terms or general descriptions and categories the answers are verbal rather than numerical and the respondent is requested to answer in hisher own words However quantitative is measuring in terms of numbers using qualitative research allows researchers to discover customers consumptions values motives attitudes opinions preferences preferences experiences actions and future intentions there are several methodstechniques for implementing qualitative research such as focus groups customer visits motivation research and interpretative researchFocus Groups focus groups is a small group of customers which are assembled in a room and a moderator steers the group discussion around certain questions of interest to the market group members can range from 6 to 15 and generally are chosen by convenience sampling which is a method in which respondents are recruited based on simple availability but are prescreened to represent the target market a good moderator endeavors to avoid biasing the opinions expressed by group members heshe also tries to ensure that no one member of the group discussion tries to dominate the discussions making sure all group members get a chance to have their say the discussion room is generally specially equipped with a one way mirror on one of its walls behind the mirror clients companies executives sit and watch the group session also the group is generally audio or video recorded for later reviews and analysis of data focus groups are often used in both business and households markets to understand customers viewsfocus groups discussions can happen online via internet chat rooms through services like AOL EarthLink and MSN advantages of online focus groups compared to their conventional counterpart are time savings cost savings and the ability to bring together customers or users from around the world disadvantages of online focus groups include lack of face to face interpersonal dynamic which could lead to nonresponseInDepth Personal Interviews in depth personal interviews are one to one interviews of a respondent with a trained interviewer there are 3 types of situations when focus groups are neither appropriate nor feasibleResearch deals with population at riskEX children are often distracted in focus groups environments and require attentionResearch deals with very specific topics very sensitive topics and sometimes can be too embarrassing to discussEX sexual issues hygiene or health problemsResearch deals with difficult populationEX almost impossible to recruit executives or other professionals for focus group discussions because of their time commitmentCustomer Visits any activity they entails visiting a customer observing them discussing experiences is customer visit
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