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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes

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MKT 400
Ida Berger

A Chapter 3 Learning and Memory Learning marketers realize that long standing learned connection between products and memories are a potent way to build and keep brand loyalty learning refers to a relatively permanent change in behaviour that is caused by experience this experience does not have to affect the learner directly we can learn vicariously by observing events that affect others we also learn even when we are not trying learning is an ongoing process our knowledge about the world is constantly being revised as we are exposed to new stimuli and receive ongoing feedback that allows us to modify behaviour in other similar situations at a later time concept of learning covers a lot of ground ranging from a consumers simple association between a stimulus such as a product logo coca cola and a response refreshing soft drink to a complex series of cognitive activitiesBehavioural Learning Theories behavioural learning theories assume that learning takes place as the result of responses to external events this view is represented by two major approaches to learning classical condition and instrumental conditioning peoples experiences are shaped by the feedback they receive as they go through life consumers respond to brand names scents jingles and other marketing stimuli based on the learned connections they have formed over timeconsumers who receive compliments on a product choice will be more likely to buy that brand again while those who get food poisoning at a new restaurant will not likely eat there in the future 1 Classical ConditioningOccurs when
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