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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Notes

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MKT 400
Ida Berger

Chapter 11 Group Influence and Opinion LeadershipReference Groups humans are social animals we all belong to groups try to please others and take cures about how to behave by observing the actions of those around usour desire to fit in or to identify with desirable individuals or groups is the primary motivation for many of our purchases and activates reference group is an actual or imaginary individual or group conceived of as having significant relevance upon an individuals evaluations aspirations or behaviour reference groups influence consumers in 3 waysInformationalprovides information experts Utilitariancreates expectations family Value expressiverepresents aspirations celebs reference groups consider how our preferences are shaped by our group memberships our desire to please or be accepted by others or the actions of famous people whom weve never even met the referent may be a cultural figure and have an impact on many people or it may be a person or group whose influence is confined to the consumers immediate environment reference groups that affect consumption can include parents liberal party raptors and brands some people influence us simply because we feel similar to them some groups and individuals exert a greater influence than others and for broader range of consumption decisionsFor EX our parents many play a pivotal role in forming o
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