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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Notes

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MKT 400
Ida Berger

Chapter 15 Canadian Identity and Ethnic SubculturesEthnic Subcultures and Consumer Identityy Ethnic identity is often significant component of consumers self concept y Ethnic subculture Is a selfperpetuating group of consumers who share common cultural or genetic ties which are recognized by both its members and others as distinct category y In heterogeneous society like Canada many different cultures are represented some consumers may expend efforts to keep their ethnic identifications from being submerged into mainstream dominate culture y Study suggest that best measure of ethnicity is language use and weakest measure is religion y 2006 census showed that 52 percent of Montrealers are bilingual yIn fact Montreal has the greatest presence of bilingual workers and people who speak at least three languages among all cities in North America y At this time selfidentification may be the best measure of various ethnicities y Marketers cannot ignore growth of diversity in cultures this important change encourages advertisers to rethink their old strategies of marketing to only CaucasiansEthnicity and Marketing Strategiesy Dimensions of ethnicity that are important to marketers include heritage life and consumer experiences religion and beliefs y Membership in ethnic groups often predicative of such consumer variables as level and type of media exposure food preferences wearing of distinctive apparel political behavior y Research indicates that members of minority groups find advertising spokesperson from their own group to be trustworthy and this enhanced credibility y Diversity studies are being conducted by many Canadian companies to aid in understanding consumers and recruiting marketers with ethnic insightsy High context culture Group members tend to be tightly knit and they infer meanings to go beyond the spoken word y Symbols and gestures rather than words carry much of the weight of the message y Lowtext culture Are more literal y Many minority cultures are highcontext and have strong oral traditions so their members are more sensitive to nuances in advertisements that go beyond the message y Canadian advertisers are targeting ethnic consumers in two ways 1 By fostering inclusiveness through putting more individuals from visible minorities into mainstream advertising 2 By Speaking to specific ethnic groups in their mother tongue y EX Campbell Company translated its well known tagline Mm Mm Good into Guajarati Chinese Hebrew and French y There are more than 400 ethnic media outlets in Canada including 14 fullservice radio stations 60 mainstream radio stations with ethnic programming and 250 ethnic newspapers y OMNI in Ontario offers programs in 39 languages in addition to English y In study by Canadian Advertising Foundation 46 percent of members of visible minorities said they were more likely to buy product if ad included visible minority y Marketers need to consider that being multicultural in Canada is becoming mainstream and that ethnicity needs to be brought into mainstream ads y Following examples indicate Trading areas where one ethnic group comprises at least 15 percent of customer base Loblaw develops specific ethnic offering in each departmentSolutions Research Group found 88 percent new Canadian households from South Asia and China have computer compared to Canadian average of 83 percentTT Supermarket is largest chain of Asian supermarkets in Canada with about 20 stores in greater Vancouver Edmonton Calgary and greater TorontoGalleria Supermarket in Toronto targets the Korean market but 40 percent of its shoppers are from outside community because of its tea shop bakery restaurantsy Deethnicitization Occurs when a product formerly associated with specific ethnic group detaches from its roots and appeals to other subcultures y EX Popularity of bagels curry flavors of Indian cuisines y Many supermarkets carry out coconut milk basmati rice and ginger root y Deethnicitization can also be seen in hip hop aesthetic which entrenched with innercity teens suburban youth and even with those who are over 40 Ethnic Groups in Canada y There is potential 200plus ethnic niche markets in Canada y Two largest ethnic groups in Canada are British 82 percent and French 4 percent which expand to 355 percent and 16 percenty Table 152 shows that ethnic groups are generally concentrated geographically providing opportunity for target marketing in country with widely dispread population
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