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Chapter 1

Psychology of persuasion - Chapter 1 notes.docx

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MKT 400
Marla Spergel

Psychology of Persuasion Chapter 1Weapons of Influence Fixedaction patternsintricate sequences of behaviourregular blindly mechanical patterns of action in a wide variety of species turkey exampleTrigger featuresets off the fixedaction patternsTwo things to realize about trigger features o The automatic fixedaction patterns of these animals work very well the great majority of the time o We also have programmed tapes and although they usually work to our advantage the trigger features that activate them can be used to dupe us into playing them at the wrong timesWhen we ask someone to do us a favour we will be more successful if we provide a reasonStereotyped guide to buying jewelry expensivegoodAutomatic stereotyped behaviour is prevalent in much of human action because in many cases it is the most effi
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