Chapter 2 - Perception

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16 Apr 2012

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Wk.8 Chapter 2 Perception
- Sensation immediate response of our sensory receptors to such basic stimuli as light,
colour, and sound
- Perception process by which these sensations are selected, organized, and interpreted
- Three stages make up the process of perception:
o Exposure
o Attention
o Interpretation
Sensory systems
- Hedonic consumption multisensory, fantasy, and emotional aspects of consumers’
interactions with products
- Research finds that people prefer additional experiences over additional possessions as
their income rises
- Sensory marketing where companies pay extra attention to the impact of sensation on our
product experiences
o Vision marketers rely heavily on visual elements in advertising, store design, and
Trade dress when some colour combinations come to be associated so
strongly with a corporation; company may even be granted exclusive rights
of these colours
o Smell odours can evoke memories or release stress
Limbic system the most primitive part of the brain where we experience
immediate emotions this is where we process fragrances
o Hearing
Research shows that workers tend to slow down during midmorning and
midafternoon, so Muzak uses a system it calls “stimulus progression”, in
which the tempo of its music increases during those slack times
o Touch we’re more sure about what we perceive when we can touch it – the
importance of the haptic (touch) sense
Kansei engineering Japanese philosophy that translates customers’
feelings into design elements
o Taste
- Exposure the degree to which people notice a stimulus that is within range of their
sensory receptors
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