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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Notes

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Ryerson University
MKT 400
Ida Berger

thTuesday March 13 2012 Chapter 8 Attitude Change and Interactive Communication Changing Attitudes through Communication as consumers we are constantly bombarded by messages inducing us to change our attitudes these persuasion attempts can range from logical arguments to graphic pictures from intimidation by peers to extortions by celebrity spokespersons communication flows both ways the consumer may seek out information sources to learn more about these options persons choice to access marketing messages on hisher own terms is changing the way we think about persuasion attempts persuasion refers to an active attempt to change attitudes persuasion is the central goal of many marketing communications some basic psychological principles that influence people to change their minds or comply with a request areReciprocity people are more likely to give if they receive thats why including money in a mail survey questionnaire increases the response rate by an average of 65 percent over the number of responses to mail surveys without monetary inventiveScarcity items become more attractive when they are less available studied showed that people rate the quality of cookies better who got 2 cookies better than those who got 10 of the same kindAuthority we tend to believe an authoritative source much more readily the global mail carries much more weight with respect to public opinion than does the Toronto starConsist
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