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Chapter 10

MKT 500 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Descriptive Statistics, Computer File, Standard Deviation

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MKT 500
Helene Moore

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Wk. 8 Chapter 10 Data collection and basic descriptive statistics
Lecture on: October 30, 2012
Errors encountered in the data collection stage
- Nonsampling errors
o Intentional fieldworker errors
o Unintentional fieldworker errors
- Respondent errors
o Intentional respondent errors
o Unintentional respondent errors
- Data collection errors with online surveys
o Multiple submissions by the same respondent
o Bogus respondents and/or responses
o Misrepresentation of population
- Types of nonresponse:
o Refusal declines to participate in the survey
o Break-off stops answering somewhere in the middle of the survey
o Item omission doesn’t answer a particular question but continues to answer the
following questions
Coding data and data code book
- Data entry creation of the computer file that holds the raw data taken from all of the
completed questionnaires
- Data coding identification of computer code values that pertain to the possible responses
for each question on the questionnaire
- Data code book identifies all of the variable names and code numbers associated with each
possible response to each question that makes up the data set
Research objectives
- Description
o Percentages and percentage distribution (categorical data)
o Averages, range, and standard deviation (metric data)
- Generalization
o Hypothesis tests
o Confidence intervals
- Differences
o Percentage difference tests
o Averages differences tests
- Relationships
o Cross-tabs
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