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Chapter 10

MKT500 Chapter 10 - Data Collection and Basic Descriptive Statistics

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MKT 500
Helene Moore

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Wk. 8 – Chapter 10 – Data collection and basic descriptive statistics Lecture on: October 30, 2012 Errors encountered in the data collection stage - Nonsampling errors o Intentional fieldworker errors o Unintentional fieldworker errors - Respondent errors o Intentional respondent errors o Unintentional respondent errors - Data collection errors with online surveys o Multiple submissions by the same respondent o Bogus respondents and/or responses o Misrepresentation of population - Types of nonresponse: o Refusal – declines to participate in the survey o Break-off – stops answering somewhere in the middle of the survey o Item omission – doesn’t answer a particular question but continues to answer the following questions Coding data and data code book - Data entry – creation of the computer file that holds the raw data taken from all of the completed questionnaires - Data coding – identification of computer code values that pertain to the possible responses for each question on the questionna
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