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Chapter 6 Integrating Marketing Communications to Build brand Equity Wal-Mart brand Brand positioningFor price sensitive shoppers, Wal-Mart is the retailer that helps them feel smart, & live better because only Wal-Mart delivers unbeatable prices, on the brands they trust, in an easy fast, one stop shopping experience Slogan save money, live better Point of differentiation Low prices, one stop shop, with food offering Brand personality Caring, real, straightforward, positive Marketing communications Marketing communications: means by which firms attempt to inform, persuade, & remind consumersdirectly or indirectlyabout the brands they sell o Voice of the brand & are a means by which the brand can establish a dialogue & build relationships with consumers CBBE model: marketing communications can contribute to brand equity by creating awareness of the brand; linking pop & pod associations to the brand in consumer memory; eliciting positive brand judgements or feelings; & facilitating a stronger consumer brand connection & brand resonance Designing marketing communication programs is a complex task The new media environment The media environment has changed dramatically in recent years TV, radio, magazine & newspaper advertising seem to be losing their grip on consumers o After dotcom booms adversities have returned to the web TV advertising is threatened due to the increase penetration of DVRs, & of dvr users skip over the advertisements 50% of teens 12-17 prefer playing video games than watching TVloss of advertisement viewship Online sharing & mobile devices are becoming far more critical The changing media landscape has forced marketers to re-evaluate how they should best communicate with consumers Challenges in designing brand building communication The new media environment has further complicated marketers perennial challenge to build effective & efficient marketing communication programs Skilfully implemented marketing communication programs require careful planning & a creative knack 3 step model for judging the effectiveness of advertising or any communication options to build brand equity current brand knowledge communication desired brand knowledge o 1. What is your current brand knowledge? Have you created a detailed mental map? o 2. What is your desired brand knowledge? Have you defined optimal pop & pod & a brand mantra? o 3. How does the communication option help the brand get from current to desired knowledge? Info processing model of communications For a person to be persuade by an form of communication the following 6 steps must occur 1. Exposurea person must see or hear the communication 2. Attentiona person must notice the communication 3. Comprehensiona person must understand the intended message or arguments of the communication 4. Yieldinga person must respond favourably to the intended message or arguments of the communication 5. Intentions a person must plan to act in the desired manner of the communications 6. Behaviour a person must actually act in the desired manner of the communications Potential pitfalls in launching a new advertising campaign 1. A consumer may not be exposed to an ad because the media plan missed the mark 2. A consumer may not notice an adboring an uninspired creatively 3. A consumer may not understand an adlack of product knowledge; lack of awareness 4. A consumer may fail to respond favourably & form a positive attitudeirrelevant/unconvincing claims5. A consumer may fail to form a purchase intentionlack of immediate need 6. A consumer may fail to actually buy the productdoesnt remember when in store The ideal ad campaign would ensure that o The right consumer is exposed to the right message at the right place & at the right time o The creative strategy for the advertising causes the consumer to notice & attend to the ad but does not distract from the intended message o The ad properly reflects the consumer level of understanding about the product & the brand o The ad correctly positions the brand in terms of desirable & deliverable pod & pop o The ad motivates consumers to consider purchase of the brand o The ad creates strong brand associations to all of these stored communication effects so that they can have an effect when consumers are considering making a purchase Overview of marketing communication options Advertising Advertising: any paid form of non-personal presentation & promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor Powerful means of creating goods, strong, favourable, & unique brand associations & eliciting positive judgements & feelings Advertising is controversial because its specific effects are often difficult to quantify & predict Given the complexity of designing advertising it is difficult to provide a comprehensive set of detailed managerial guidelines Medium Advantages Disadvantages TV -mass coverage/attention grabbing -low selectivity -high reach/high prestige/favourable image -short message life/clutter -impact of sight, sound, motions -high absolute cost -low cost per exposure -high production costs Radio -local coverage/well segmented audiences -audio only -low cost/production cost -low attention-getting capabilities -high frequency/f
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