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Chapter 11

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MKT 510
Ida Berger

Chapter 11DesigningImplementing Brand StrategiesThe brandproduct matrixthe brand hierarchy help to characterizeformulate branding strategies by defining various relationships among brandsproducts Brand ArchitectureThe branding strategybrand architecture for a firm tells marketers which brand names logos symbolsso forth to apply to which newexisting productsArchitecture is the planned design of a systembrand architecture is NOT the brand strategy brand elements or brand marketing planbrand architecturehigher level plan of your brand ecosystem so you can determine how to best buildscale your brand over time o sets out your plan to build one brand or multiple brand o multiple brandswhat is the relationship between theman umbrella corporate or family brand for all its brandsbranded housecollection of individual brands all with different nameshouse of brandsthe role of brand architecture clarify brand awarenessmotivate brand image o clarifybrand awarenessimprove customer understandingcommunicate similaritiesdifferences between individual products o motivatebrand imagemaximize transfer of equity tofrom the brand to individual products to improve trialrepeat purchase The Brandproduct matrixbrandproduct matrix a graphical representation of all the brandsproducts sold by the firm o brand of firms as rows corresponding products as columnshelps to highlight the range of productsbrands sold by a firmthe rows of the matrix represent brand product relationshipscapture the brand extension strategy of the firm in terms of the numbernature of products sold under the firms different brands o brand line consist of all products sold under a particular brandthe column of the matrix represent product brand relationshipscapture the brand portfolio strategy in terms of the numbernature of brands to be marketed in each category o brand portfolio set of all brandsbrand lines that a particular firm offers for sale to buyers in a particular categoryone particular column of the matrixex PG carrying 5 distinct brands in the detergent categoryreasons maximize market coverageminimize brand overlap o product line a group of products within a product category that are closely relatedproduct mix product assortment the set of all product linesitems that a particular seller makes available to buyers o limited product lineNARROW o many product linesBROADBrand mix brand assortment that set of all brand lines that a particular seller makes available to buyers o Limited brand lineSHALLOW o Many brand linesDEEPWe can categorize a firms branding strategy according to its breadth brand product relationshipbrand extension strategyits depth product brand relationshipsbrand portfolio mix Breadth of branding strategyThe breadth of a branding strategy describes the numbernature of different products linked to brands sold by a firmHow many product lines the firm should carryThe numbernature of products offered increases with o Aggregate market factorsMarket sizeStage in product life cycleMarket growthSales cycle
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