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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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MKT 510
Marla Spergel

th Thursday September 20 , 2012 Chapter 4: Choosing Brand Elements to Build Brand Equity Criteria for choosing Brand Elements: (1)Memorability: • important for building brand equity, brand element that promote the goal are memorable and are able to get attention, therefore facilitate recall and recognition (2)Meaningfulness: • has taken all kinds of meaning with either descriptive or persuasive (does the brand element have an meaning) and specific information (does the brand element have a meaning) and specific information about attribute and benefit of brand (does the brand element have persuasive meaning) (3)Likability: • a memorable, meaningful set of brand elements that allow consumers not to examine much during product decision, descriptive/persuasive elements reduce the burden on marketing communication (4)Transferability: • how useful are the brand elements, to what extent does the brand elements add brand equity across geographic boundaries (companies need to review all brand elements for cultural meaning before introducing the brand into the market) (5)Adaptability: • brands need to be updated of the changes in consumer values and opinions, the more flexible brand element is, the easier to update (6)Protectability • Marketers should:  Choose brand
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