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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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MKT 510
Marla Spergel

th Thursday September 27 , 2011 Chapter 6: Integrating Marketing Communications to Build Brand Equity Marketing Communication Options: -advertising: • Television • Radio • Print • Website • Online • Ad -promotions: • Short term trial to encourage trial/usage of product/service -event marketing and sponsorship: • Public sponsorship of events/activities related too:  sports  art,  entertainment  social cause • this allows marketers to become part of a special moment in consumers lives -public relations and publicity: • related to programs which are designed to promote a company’s image or its individual product  Buzz Marketing: product enters market with little fan but it is still able to attract strong customers Key to Better Selling: -get everyone involved -change the motivation -talk to your customers -rethink training Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC): -voice of brand that can establish a dialogue and build relationships with customers, allows marketers to inform display, persuade, provide incentives and remind customers directly/indirectly Develop IMC Programs: -evaluate all communication options which will
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