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MKT 600
Asif Salam

MKT600 Weekly Critique Notes Global Introduction of the “New” Pantene Shampoo: Success in Taiwan Case highlights - Working to globalize products in the following ways: o Develop products that have global potential o Strategize for the product to “travel well” o When a product is successful in one country and pushed to another, avoid the “not invented here syndrome” o Shorten the time period in which a successful product gets introduced across all operations o Development of communication network which enables sharing for successful marketing innovations History of the Pantene Brand - Developed by Hoffman-LaRoche and first introduced in Europe - Launched in the US in early 1960s - Premium price even when sold in department stores - Richardson-Vicks Inc. bought out the brand and moved the link from a high price, selective distribution one to a lower priced mass market one - Procter and Gamble bought out the company and phased the product into all major drug chains, mass merchandisers, and selected food store - Phased out of department stores - Drug chains were successful, while mass merchandisers and food outlets were not as successful Procter & Gamble in Taiwan - Joint venture with local company – access to established sales and dis
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