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Chapter 1

MKT700 Ch. 1 - How Database Marketing Has Changed

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MKT 700

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MKT700 – Chapter 1 – How Database Marketing Has Changed Jan. 14, 2013 - Purpose of database marketing is the same today as it has always been – to create and maintain a bond of loyalty between you and your customers that will last a lifetime - New developments have made it more cost efficient, but also more complex - Problem: The lift we get from dynamic content does not seem to be as great as the lift we get from frequent communications What customers want - Recognition: like to be called by name - Service - Convenience - Helpfulness - Information - Identification: people like to identify themselves with their products and their suppliers Two kinds of databases - Operational database: used to process transactions and get out the monthly statements - Marketing database: gets its data from the operational database. Data consists of summary of monthly transactions, but also much more: o Preferences and profiles p
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