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Chapter 3

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MKT 723
Armand Gervais

Chapter 3 – Consumer Behavior in Services Objectives of services producers and marketers are to develop and provide offerings that satisfy consumer needs and expectations. Search, Experience, and Credence Properties Isolating differences in evaluation processes between goods and services is a classification. There are two categories of properties of consumer products:  Search Qualities – Consumer can determine before purchasing a product (Color, style, price, fit, feel)  Experience Qualities – Discerned only after purchase/consumption (Taste & wearability)  Credence Qualities – Characteristics that a consumer may be impossible to evaluate even after purchase and consumption. (Treatments for a medical condition) Consumer Choice Consumer Choice (Need recognition > Information search > Evaluation of alternatives > Purchase) > Consumer Experience > Postexperience Evaluation  Need recognition – Can use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs  Information search – This process can be extensive if the service is important to the customer, otherwise it’s a simple process. Information sources can either be personal or non- personal.  Evaluation of alternatives – Services have a small group of competitors. Which physical products are displayed on shelves with their competitors, service locations (Bank) tend to only feature one brand (TD).  Service purchase Consumer Experience Services are high in experience and thus how consumers evaluate the experience of the service is critical in their decision to repurchase later. Services as Processes Services involve a sequence of steps. These steps constitute a process, a service experience that is evalua
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