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Ryerson University
MKT 723
Armand Gervais

Chapter 1: Foundations for Services Marketing Services can be profitable but challenging to manage and market. What are Services? Services - Deeds, processes and performances. They include:  Economic activities whose output is not physical  Consumed at the time of produce  Provides added value (Convenience, comfort, etc) that are also intangible Service Industries, Services as Products, Customer Service, and Derived Service Service industries and companies – Industries and companies classified within the service sector whose core product is a service. Services as Products – Intangible products sold by service and non-service companies. Customer Service – Service provided in support of a company’s core products. Can occur onsite, online, or via phone. Why Services Marketing? Service-based Economies Service marketing concepts have developed due to the growth of service industries. Service as a Business Imperative in Manufacturing and IT Developing technologies and increasing competition make it difficult to gain a competitive advantage though physical products alone. Customers also expect a high level of service along with their goods. Deregulated Industries and Professional Service Needs Industries and professional services have gone through major changes in the way the do business and need service marketing concepts. Because of the increase in competitions, these basic service providers need to market their services to strengthen their services. Services Marketing is Different Marketing manufacturing and packaged goods is very different than marketing services. Service Equals Profits Common themes to success in services: Values-driven leadership, commitment to investments in
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