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Chapter 10

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MKT 723
Armand Gervais

Chapter 10 – Customer-Defined Service Standards Factors Necessary for Appropriate Service Standards Standardization of Service Behaviors and Actions Translation of customer expectations into service standards depends on he degree to which tasks can be standardized. Service tasks are routine and specific rules and standards can be easily established. Service standardization can take 3 forms: 1. Substitution of technology for personal contact (Automatic teller, car washes) 2. Improvement in work methods (Salad bar) 3. Combination of the two Standardization reduces Gap 2. It ensures that the most critical elements of a service are performed as expected by customers, not that every action in a service is executed in a uniform matter. Formal Service Targets and Goals – Specific targets for individual behaviors. Customer- Not Company-Defined Standards Company defined standards are not typically successful in driving behaviors that close Gap 2. Companies must set customer defined standards based on customer requirements. Types of Customer-Defined Service Standards Two major types of customer-defined service standards are: Hard & Soft. Hard Customer-Defined Standards Things hat can be counted, timed or observed through audits. Reliability is the single most important concern of service customers. Hard service standards are set to ensure promptness with which companies deliver products, handle complaints, answer questions, and arrive for repair calls. Soft Customer-Defined Standards Those that must be documented using perceptual data. They are opinion based and cannot be directly observed. Collected by talking to customers, employees, or others. One-time Fixes Technology, policy, or procedure changes that address customer requirements. These fixes are often accomplished by technology. Development of Customer-Defined Service Standards Basing Standards on the Service Encounter Sequence
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