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Chapter 11

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MKT 723
Armand Gervais

Chapter 11 – Physical Evidence and the Servicescape Physical Evidence What is Physical Evidence? Customers often rely on tangible cues/physical evidence to evaluate services before purchase and to assess their satisfaction during and after. Effective design of physical evidence assists in closing Gap 2. Physical evidence includes tangible aspects of communication (Signage, landscape, websites, etc). How Does Physical Evidence Affect the Customer Experience? Clue management – The process of clearly identifying and managing all the clues customers use to form impressions and feelings about the company. Types of Servicescapes Servicescape usage Organizations differ in terms of whom the servicescape will actually affect. One extreme is the self-service environment; the organization can plan to focus exclusively on marketing goals as attracting the right customers, and creating the right experience (ATM). The other extreme is remote service, with little/no customer involvement (Mail-order services). In remote services, the facility may even be located in another country. Facilities may be set up to motivate employees and facilitate productivity without any consideration of the customer because they will never see the servicescape. Interpersonal services are services in which both employees and customers are present in the servicescape. Servicescape Complexity Some service environments are simple, with few elements, spaces, and equipment. These environments are termed “lean.” Complicated servicescapes are termed “elaborate.” Strategic Roles of the Servicescape Servicescape plays many strategic roles simultaneously and is one of the most important elements used in positioning a service organization. Package Servicescape and other elements of physical evidence “wrap” the service and provide an external image of what’s inside. Setting of a service evicts emotions and portrays a particular image. As the servicescape is the outward appearance of the organizations, it’s critical in forming initial impressions. This packaging role extends to the appearance of contact personnel through their uniforms or dress and other elements. Facilitator The facilitator can also aid in the performances of persons in the environment. A well-designed, functional facility can make the service a pleasure to experience to both employees and customers. Poor design may frustrate both the employees and customers. Socializer Servicescape aids socialization of employees and customers in the sense that it conveys expected roles, behaviors and relationships. The facility design can suggest to customer what their role is in comparison to the employees. Differentiator Design of the facility differentiates a firm from its competitors and signals the market segments the service is intended for. This includes music and colors. Framework for Under
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