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Winter Week 11 - Current and Future Perspectives of Nursing

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NSE 112
Liz Scott

Natalia Winter Week 11 Current and Future Perspectives of Nursing April09101 Discuss current issues in Canadian healthcare today using the vision statements as guidance in 1246 AMthe Toward 2020 document Is it a realistic vision What might some of the barriers be in attempts to accomplish that particular vision The System Health and Illness CareSelf care and patientled care are not the normLong lineups for doctorsVisits to specialists or specialized care requires a referral from a doctorDoctors perform primary careFinancial and human resources primarily focused on illness and hospitalsHealth records are not portableNursing EducationNursing schools lack cohesionLeadership expectations are changingThe Roles Scopes and Practice Settings of NursesHealthcare is paternalisticNurses have the ability to do more larger scope of practice but are not allowedNurses are performing tasks that can be designated to the patient or a PSWNursing in Human Resources The Number and Mix of Nurses Many nurses work in acute hospital careNurses have the highest absenteeism and overtime ratesFulltime positions are hard to findEnsuring Responsiveness Quality and Patient SafetyAdditional licensing examination i
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