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Module 1: Protection & Safety

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MOD 1 Protection and SafetySeptember1310808 PMNSE22ABModules 2Part1 Accidents and their PreventionExplain the falls risk assessment toolsHelps determine potential risks before accidents and injuries result A clients risk of falling increases as the number of risk factors increasesInitial and daily assessment of fall risk are important in identifying clients at risk of fallsScores of 15 and higher indicate high risk preventive measurements should be implemented for these clients Identify data from falls risk assessment can be used to design falls prevention programSet goals and expected outcomes based on the clients factors environmental factors and set appropriate interventions in that regardClient factorsHistory of fallsConfusionAgeImpaired judgementSensory deficitUnable to ambulate independentlyDecreased level of cooperationIncreased anxiety emotional labilityIncontinence urgencyCardiovascular respiratory disease affecting perfusion and oxygenationMedications affecting blood pressure of level of consciousnessPostural hypotensionWith dizzinessEnvironmental factorsFirst week on unit facility service etcAttached equipment eg intravenous pole chest tubes appliances oxygen tubing Part2 Prevention and Control of Infection Explain the role of vaccines in the prevention of infection and personal responsibility in relation to infection at work including agency specific guidelines Define and explain H1N1DropletSARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome DropletPrevention hand washingTreatment no known treatment vaccines From httpwwwnlmnihgovmedlineplussevereacuterespiratorysyndromehtmlCDifficile clostridium difficileMajor reservoir colonMajor infection colitis diarrhea ESBL extended spectrum betalactamase Direct indirect contactPrevention hand washing Treatment antibiotics the bacteria is sensitive to From httpwwwteghoncabinscontentpageaspcid320102MRSA Staphylococcus aureusDirect indirect contact NSE22 Page 1
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