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Module 10: Pain Management

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MOD 10 PainWednesday March 23 2011618 PMMODULE 10 Pain ManagementThis learning module addresses the assessment and care of clients with painOn completion of this module the student will demonstrate knowledge ofthe key terms used with pain managementcommon misconceptions about pain which may impact on effective pain managementphysiology of painthe factors dimensions influencing the pain experienceetiology and types of painissues in pain management throughout the life cycleassessment planning implementation evaluation and documentation of the client living with pain cultural influences on the way the client and family experiences interprets and responds to painpharmacological and nonpharmacological methods of pain managementlearningteaching needs of clients and family members related to pain managementRequired ReadingsLewis S L Heitkemper M Dirksen S R OBrien P GBucher L 2010 Medicalsurgical nursing in CanadaAssessment and management of clinical problems 2nd Canadian ed MA Barry S GoldsworthyD Goodridge Canadian Eds Toronto ON MosbyChapter 10 Lilley L L Harrington SSnyder J S 2011 Pharmacology for Canadian health care practice2nd Canadian edB Swart Canadian Ed Toronto ON MosbyChapter 11thPotter P APerry A G 2009 Canadian fundamentals of nursing4ed J C RossKerrM J Wood Canadian Eds Toronto ON Mosby Chapter 42Module QuestionsDefine pain1The International Association for the Study of Pain Subcommittee on Taxonomy 1979 defines pain as an unpleasant subjective sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage Thus physical pain can cause psychological pain and vice versa PotterPerry Pg 1010Explain the dimensions of pain 2 NSE22 Page 1
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