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Module 5: IV care and administration

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IV MOD 5Thursday January 20 2011602 PMPart 1Care of the Client with an Intravenous LineModule QuestionsExplain the purposes of IV therapy and identify the common IV solutions1primarily used for fluid replacement in clients unable to take oral fluids use in emergencies during emergencies when a fastacting medication must be deliveredpreferred when constant therapeutic blood levels need to be established medication that are highly alkaline and irritating may be given IV over IMCommon solutionsdextrose in water solutionsisaline solutionsiidextrose in saline solutionsiiimultiple electrolyte solutions ivExplain the use of isotonic hypotonic hypertonic solutions colloids crystalloids and total 2parenteral nutritionisotonic most commonly used for extracellular volume replacement eg FVD after prolonged ivomiting Hypotonic and hypertonicdepends on the specific fluid and electrolyte imbalanceiihypertonic solutions should be carefully administered because these pull fluid into iiithe vascular space by osmosis may result in an increased vascular volume that can lead to pulmonary edemacolloids contains protein or starch that does not cross the semipermeable membranes ivtherefore remains suspended and distributed in the extracellular space primarily the intravascular spaceused to increase osmotic pressure in the intravascular space and then draw fluid to vincrease vascular volume Crystalloidsused most commonlyviglucose sodium chloride and lactated Ringers solutionsviicontains solutes that mix dissolve and cross semipermeable membranesviiiTPNnutritionally adequate hypertonic solution consisting of glucose other nutrients and ixelectrolytes administered through an indwelling or central intravenous catheterExplain the rationale for the use of hypodermoclysis and the types of patients who may be 3eligible for this type of fluid administrationconsidered safe NSE22 Page 1
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