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Fall Week 9 - Data Collection Methods

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Fall Week 9 Data Collection MethodsNovember2810324 PMThe concepts in which researchers are interested must be measured observed or recordedWithout appropriate data collection methods validity of research findings can be questionedThe data examined can be existing or newData Collection MethodsIf existing data are unavailable or unsuitable for a research question researchers must collect new data Major types of data for nursing studiesSelfreports are participants responses to questions posed by the researcher as in an interview It is the data collection method of choice in qualitative researchDirect observation of peoples behaviours or characteristics is an alternative to selfreports for certain research questions It is also often a part of many qualitative studiesNurses also use biophysiologic measures to assess important clinical variablesIn qualitative studies data collection may vary according to the qualitative traditionISSUEETHNOGRAPHYPHENOMENOLOGYGROUNDED THEORYType of Primarily participant Primarily indepth interviews Primarily individual dataobservation and sometimes diaries artwork or interviews sometimes interviews plus other materialsgroup interviews documents artefacts participant observations maps photographs social journalsnetwork diagrams genealogiesUnit of Cultural systemsIndividualsIndividualsdata collectionPeriod of Extended period may be Typically moderateTypically moderatedata months or yearscollectionSalient Gaining entry determining Bracketing ones views Building rapport field a role learning how to building rapport encouraging encouraging candour issuesparticipate encouraging candour listening intently listening intently while candour identification while preparing next question preparing next question with group premature keeping on tack handling keeping on tack exitpersonal emotionshandling personal emotionsKey Dimensions of Data Collection MethodsData collection may vary along several important dimensions regardless of the type of data collected in a studyStructure Can be structuredunstructured Research data can be collected in a highly structured manner but sometimes it can be more appropriate to be flexible and to allow participants to reveal information in a naturalistic wayQuantifiability data that will be analyzed statistically must be gathered in such a way that they can be quantified On the other hand data that are to be analyzed qualitatively are collected in narrative form Structured data approaches tend to yield data that is more easily quantifiableObtrusiveness If participants are fully aware of their role in a study their behaviour and responses might not be normal Data collection methods differ in terms of the degree to which people are aware of their status as study participants Objectivity Some data collection approaches require more subjective judgement than others In qualitative research the researchers subjective judgement is considered a valuable tool Research Page 1
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