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Winter Week 7 - Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

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Winter Week 7 Analysis of Variance ANOVAMarch2111112 PMUsed when there are more than 2 groups groups are compared using their average differences in means are compared not relationshipsWhen participants are tested only onceThe test statistic for ANOVA is the FtestANOVA breaks down total variability in a dependent variable into two partsIt helps the researcher decide if the difference in group means is related to the Independent variable or due to other reasons individual differences measurement error etcIf the variance between the meansof the groups is significantly greater than the variance within thegroups calculated using an Fratio the probability is high that the IV has led to differences in group means We can reject the null hypothesisSimple Analysis of Variance or oneway analysis of varianceThere is one factor or treatment variable such as group membership being explored and there are more than two levels within this factorAlso called the oneway analysis of variance because there is only one grouping dimension The technique is called analysis of variance because the variance thats due to differences in performance is separated into variance thats due to differences between individuals within groups and variance due to differences between groups Then the two types of variance are compared with one anotherSimilar to the ttest because in both procedures the differences are computed However for ANOVA there are more than two meansSources of VariationBETWEENTREATMENTS variability is due to general differences between tx conditionsmeasures how much difference exists betweenthe tx conditionsWITHINTREATMENTSvariability within each samplethe variance will provide a measure of the variability insideeach treatment condition Research Page 1
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