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Ryerson University
PHL 201
James Cunningham

PHL 201 week 10 (March 26 ) th TUESDAY - Free will J’Holbach Aristotle ETHICS - Involves morality, the issue of right and wrong - Values - The study of morality ; the study of the philosophical of the underpinning - Virtue and vice – what morality is about - What we have to do if we are going to be just, temperate, courageous, wise - Its what we have to do if we are going to be fully human - Or the types of things we have to do to be fully human - It’s a manner of how to treat other people - What do we owe those things that are not human? o Only owe o “I wouldn’t misuse a horse” o “I don’t flake a cat” – because to do so would be inhuman - not about what it does to the object or human, but what it does/shows about a person 3 ethic branches: Virtue ethics – Aristotle - How do you become a good person? – by developing a good character, how do you do that and why is it necessary? o Your character speaks to what you will do in the future o How do you develop?  Virtue vs. vice  Virtue – for the ancients  “an excuse to beat up on women”  Need for woman to keep her virtue – how do you keep your virtue?  by not having sex, by not doing something, absence of action  If you don’t keep your virtue, you are viewed as a bad person or “harlot”  Your character is now “easy”  Your virtue is beyond repair – therefore you are “damaged
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